Frequently Asked Questions

Hector's Dolphins in Akaroa swimming

Discover Akaroa’s Abundant Wildlife on Our Eco-cruise

On each of our excursions, we guarantee sightings of New Zealand Fur Seals as we explore a seal colony just beyond Akaroa Heads. During the day, the enchanting spectacle of penguins swimming in the harbor awaits. Penguins and albatrosses are sighted on our trips on 90% of occasions. There is a myriad of birds including petrels, mollymawks, gannets, seagulls, and terns. Whales come to Akaroa once or twice a year, but it is extremely rare to see them.

Hector's Dolphing swimming next to the Fox II dolphin watching

Is it a good activity for families ?

Yes ! The Fox II is a fantastic activity for the whole family ! We provide life-jackets for children, and our crew will help your children spot and identify the wildlife !

Akaroa harbor sunset cruise